Walking Dead x Last of Us @ Ayacon 2013 [The Bestest Crossover]

Haha so this is a little different, at Aya these AMAZING! Clickers (from the game Last of Us) were wandering around … I was doing a small shoot with mah buddies and we saw them so they were grabbed into a night shoot (the only one I did with my lighting setup .. but I love the shots so worth it!)

Rick Grimes - SquallWolfHeart
Lori Grimes - Gaming Goddess
Glen Rhea - BloodSpider
Andrea - Frederica la Noir
Clickers -
x-Snorkle-Rainbow-x, irononreverse, Nekushii, Melissa (if anyone has some kind of links for these guys please let me know)

Photographer - So Say We All

Full Set Here [X]